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Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Dress for Mama

So much for sleeves eh?  I had them basted in and they just felt crappy and looked matronly.  I had planned on skipping the neck facing and binding it with bias tape instead.  I stuck to my guns but now had to do it at the sleeves too.  I used a black dupioni scrap that Frank kindly gave me.  It looks neat and tidy but I am not convinced it is faster finishing technique than putting a facing into the dress.  Especially since I ended up doing it twice at the neckline to make the end pieces look nice.

So pretty.

Now, this pattern is made for with sleeves or without - without any pattern alteration.  However,  without sleeves leaves a smidge too much underarm exposed.  I would raise the sleeve opening the next time all a 1/2 inch at underarm "U" and then grade it out.

I like this dress.  It feels simple and dressy.

Technically this is it until after Christmas.  I am going to tidy up my work area, put away my machines, and get cracking on the Christmas shopping and baking.

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Anonymous said...

OH ERINN !!! it's beautiful ! i want a picture of you wearing it ! :)