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Monday, January 14, 2013

Apples to Oranges

I have the cotton shirting washed and ready for my next shirt attempt for Pat.  I am holding off on cutting until I talk to Frank about the best way to increase the length of the collar band.

In the meantime I have this urge to do crafty stuff.  I picked up a very cute sewing kit pattern by Straight Stitch Society.  I know, I just made a sewing kit.  I know.  But once you start playing with quilting cottons it is hard to resist.  The pattern is called Apples to Oranges.

This is a fast sew.  I used fusible batting instead of regular batting because I had it on hand.  Otherwise I followed the instructions.  I made the apple kit without the needle pad.  They also have a pattern for an orange which is sweet.  I am filled with the urge to make these for end of the year gifts for the teachers.  I am sure that after I make one more that urge will be in the toilet.  When I do make it again I will add batting on the lining of the zip side of the apple, to give it a bit more structure.  It is a bit wimpy compared to the pin cushion side.


Anonymous said...

now that is the cutest sewing kit i have ever seen.. .. i have actually never seen anything like it.. very nice EB

Steph A said...

It is cute!!! I'll have to check it out.