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Thursday, January 10, 2013

McCall's 2447 Shirt

It looks better than I expected it would given I hate the cheapness of the material.  I could have made Pat a size larger in this pattern.  As it stands I find the neck a smidge tight on him if he wanted to wear it buttoned up with a tie. The question for the next shirt becomes: do I modify the pattern for a bigger neckline, do I buy the pattern in an xl and use that, or do I try again with a different shirt pattern?  When he saw the shirt made up he commented that he already had a shirt in this pattern.  Yeah, I'll be rushing to make that next shirt, ingrate.

I tried a new technique for putting on the collar/stand.  Usually I would construct the whole thing and then attach it to the garment neckline.  This time I attached the inside band to the garment, attached the collar to the inside band, and then attached the outside back.  Worked pretty slick.  I followed this tutorial.  For the inside seams I made fake fell seams by sewing then serging the sides and the folding over and sewing again from the original seam.  I am most proud of my narrow hem.  It is so small and tidy.  Shame it will be tucked in, away from sight.

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Oliver Bliss said...

I just got given some patterns to make my own shirt for a Birthday gift and was looking for some pointers your site is really helpful thanks!