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Sunday, June 2, 2013

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

I call this my Von Trapp Family play dress. The material reminds me of Maria's old curtains and the kids hanging from trees.

This is made from New Look 6803.  Another easy pattern which caused me more grief than I'd care to admit. First, don't bother fitting a sack dress for back length/front length.  With no obvious waist there isn't really a point.  Don't bother adding a dart to a sack dress. Again, no point and it causes front boob bagginess when there are gathers, pleats at the neckline.  Also, read the instructions before you insert the zip because, er, a zip may not even be required because the stupid dress goes right over your head.  Finally, don't sew a dress when your serger is in the shop and you are forced to tidy up the unlined inside with a zigzag stitch.  So home ec.

I will make this dress again. And soon.  I will make the top portion one size smaller and bottom one size larger. I had to adjust the shoulders/sleeve cap as they hung too low.  I also need another two inches in length.

Mom is getting a skirt out of this material. When my serger is fixed.

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Steph A said...

Actually, it looks rather nice! Nothing wrong with maria dresses, I've made them before too. And despite all the issues you had with it, you finished it! I like how you described it, made me smile. We all have projects like this once in a while!