Friday, January 17, 2014


 It's been quick and easy knit town around here and it is time to return to my first love.  Donuts. I mean, wovens.  I picked up a water resistant red poplin from  Marc Jacobs no less.  I made the Minoru coat from Sewaholic.  I am a sucker for a dramatic collar.  I lined it with a grey kashi from stash that I originally got from a discount bin. It has some some fading on the pieces I used for the arms.  No one will know but me.

First thing I noticed when checking the patterns finished measurements is that the front to waist length is short -  not enough length to deal with my boobs.  I added two extra inches via a side dart to accommodate the girls.  I see by checking the web that others have managed to achieve similar results through a slash and spread FBA.

For lining, I just used the primary pieces and cut them a bit longer then finished hem length. I had to shorten the sleeves by two inches, tighten the wrist elastics, and raise the waist elastic by two inches to sit in the right spot for me.  I also didn't just tuck the lining behind the hem and sew as instructed. I sewed the 2" hem down then bagged the lining.

I departed from my usual steps of making a muslin and marking seam allowances. I cut fabric carefully, snipped notches and only marked key points like the waist casing and pockets. I am pleased with the result.  I can't wait for spring.  Which, as you can see below, will be a long time coming.

Edited for Wearability:  This jacket is wearable but the lack of pockets is VERY limiting.   If making, draft yourself some pockets.


MrsSmith said...

I WANT ONE!!!! I feel like the only person in the universe who doesn't own the Minoru but I want it! :)

I love the color (and now you've just convinced me I need to buy the water repellant fabric at FM that's super cheap right now.)

Beautiful jacket.

Steph A said...

You're jacket is a Beautiful colour!! I love the collar on this pattern, it's great. I also wear my minoru all the time!