Sunday, January 19, 2014

Office Collection Winter 2014

An imminent return to an office environment has made me realize the dearth of business casual attire in my wardrobe.  So, it is time for some quick and dirty sewing.  For the most part that means using my tried and true, tested and modified, patterns and blocks.  I have also settled on blacks and greys as the colour base for this collection.  Not exactly going to set the world on fire but I need office basics!

Using Simplicity 2614 for the basis of an aline bias cut skirt, I whipped up a skirt in black crepe (not shown) and in a black/grey pinstripe.  I did not line (quick! dirty!) so these will require a slip.  Also, a sweet and easy elastic waistband.  I don't tuck anyhow, so no one will be the wiser.

Using Simplicity 6150 I have sewn up a basic black long 3/4 sleeve knit top. Perfect for over pants or a skirt. I got to use my new Coverstitch machine and woohoo what fun.  I also did up the same top with a sleeve variation in a winter white ponte that I have been dying to use. There was no way I was setting in knit sleeves, as per instructions.  I serged the shoulder/arm together, gathered with elastic, and then put it in flat.  No problemo.

4 garments, 5 hours - cutting time included.  Yeah baby.

Pants?  Fuck it.  I bought pants.  2 black pair of different cuts, 1 dark grey.  I just don't have the time to sew everything.  They'll need to be hemmed of course.


MrsSmith said...

4 garments in 5 hours?! Cannot be beat!

I pulled out NL6150 this weekend too. I think I need to make one :)

Sox said...

Four garments in five hours is pretty impressive!

TO change the subject slightly...
I found your blog on the Sewintists map but couldn't find a different way to contact you.
I'll be visiting Ottawa​ in February and I was wondering if you could recommend any cool places to check sewing stuff. Or any other cool/funky/fun stuff I could check out?
Thank you,

Steph A said...

Now that's sewing with a plan!! You've got some terrific basics there. It's also exactly what I need to do this year too, to sew a work wardrobe.