Sunday, February 23, 2014

Long Drape Top

As I mentioned, I have been pining over Style Arc's drape top.  I figured I could come up with something similar courtesy the last two years of pattern making classes I have been taking.  I redrew my neckline and the slashed and spread at CF to add the drape.  The I slashed and spread again as it wasn't giving enough volume

It is close to what I want but not quite there.  I need one more iteration.  The first problem is the shoulders.  I need to extend the shoulders higher to the neck so that this top does not slip off.  For this version I will have to add bra straps to keep it from sliding off my shoulder and conveying a Flashdance album cover.

The next thing I need to do is make the top tighter.  I'll bring in the side seams for that fix.  If you want the drape to really show, the thing has to be fitted otherwise the front hem just tends to droop from the weight of the drape.  Finally, I will make that neckline even lower by about 2-3 more inches.  Oh, and this top begs to be made in a very light knit.  This version, a medium weight ponte, is a bit too firm and crisp.

I didn't build the modesty top into the shirt as is done in the Style Arc pattern.  I wanted to be able to throw this over any tshirt.

I am sad to say that this is the end of my lovely black ponte with the hint of sheen.  I got three great tops out of it.  I went back to order more but it was all gone.  So long black ponte.  We had a good run.

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Linda said...

Nice job! Your pattern drafting classes are truly evident.