Sunday, February 2, 2014

Shrug McCall's 6845

A few days in the office has made me realize I am going to need to keep a sweater there and I wanted something light.  Enter McCall's 6845 View D.  It is meant for a woven but I used a knit.  I got rid of the collar/band and just extended the body 2"  following the CF curve all the way around.

This is a grey knit with a bit of glitter in the stripes that I picked up for $5/M at Fabricland.  I serged it all then topstitched it down.  Quick make.   Total cost: $7.5.

I have a black one done up as well from the leftover black knit that I used to make Kate's witch costume.  I'll  bring that one in also and leave it there.  That covers my black/grey office palate.

McCall's 6845 also features one of the ugliest patterns I have ever seen.  A true what the hell were they thinking moment.

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Coco said...

So glad to see your shrug! I have this pattern and plan to make it in a tissue knit soon. I totally agree with you on the other garment - weird!!